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How often should my air conditioning have regular maintenance service?

Your air conditioning system works hard during hot Columbus OH summers to maintain a comfortable interior temperature. Its continuous operation with repeated stops and starts puts stress on the mechanical system that can quickly wear out without the proper maintenance.

We recommend yearly inspection and maintenance to maximize its life and prevent common equipment failures. Thorough inspections will reveal leaks, frayed wires, rust, and corroded contacts that can be easily repaired before major problems arise.

A tune-up will ensure that your air conditioning performs at its peak efficiency to reduce your energy costs.

How can I tell if my air conditioner needs to be replaced or repaired?

Signs that your air conditioning system may be approaching the end of its useful life will often be seen first in increasing electric bills that indicate the system is working less efficiently. You may notice that the system is turning on and off more frequently and cooling your home or office unevenly.

If the unit is less than five years old, cleaning of the coils and ducts along with a system tune-up can often take care of the problems. If it is more than ten years old, a new, energy-efficient unit may be the more cost-effective answer, since it can significantly reduce energy bills as well as repair costs.

What is the best type of filter to use? How often should they be replaced?

Disposable air filters should be replaced once a month at a minimum and more often under especially dusty circumstances. This will help to keep your system and duct work clean.

To improve indoor air quality, we recommend a media filter. This high-density filter is inexpensive and low-maintenance. When attached to your air conditioning system it captures pollutants before they are distributed throughout your home or business.